Broken Hearted

September 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Broken Hearted
Why must it be me?
Why can’t they see?
The way they treat others
Including my step-brothers
They never put themselves in others shoes
They always seem to choose
And once again I am heart broken
From the old news
If only my boyfriend was here
To help me fight my worst fear
And that is my anger
When I’m mad I will argue with anyone including a gang banger
Which is what scares me the most
Because when I die I will probably stay in this world as a ghost
Who gets revenge on those who mistreated me
Which is not who I want to be
They don’t realize how far they are pushing me away
Even though they have my heart and its here to stay
All they are doing is taking my heart from my sleeve
Twisting it till it bleeds
And it’s killing me little by little
And it’s making me cripple
The only reason im still in this world
Is because of the wonderful child sent from above
I don’t mean to disrespect anyone
I still love them but it seems like
If I died they would just move on
Like I was never here
That’s why I have to keep wiping this tear
The one that never seems to go away
So I guess I’m stuck here to stay

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