Shaken at the Beach

September 23, 2008
A warm, clear summers day
Perfect for the beach . . .
Like bissy mice,
Nine people scramble
To pack

Mom’s famous salsa

And Gina’s famous cheesecake!!

We divide into two cars
Dad and I in one car
And every one else in another.

As we stopped at a light,
I cranked up the music
As soon as I did that the car started to . . .


I started to move with the music
My dad just started laughing and said . . .
“Honey, Its not the car shaking use,
We’re in an earth quake!”

I just stared at him.
Even with a smile on this face,
I could tell he was serious.

A second later the radio turned to the news,
“ For all of you in the greater LA region,
We have just experienced a 5.8 earthquake!
Hope every one is ok out there,
There are no reported injuries so far.
Feel free to call in and tell use
You earthquake experience.”

I look over at him, his face about to burst from laughter at the expretion on my face, and all I can say is. . .


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