Secret Cries of Pleading

September 25, 2008
By Kaela Kelly, Chattanooga, TN

She stares at a blank piece of paper,
Wanting to tell her story,
But she’s scared
Scared that she’ll lose the last things that make her complete,

She holds in her fears,
Hoping if she pretends she feels no pain
It will somehow go away today,

She locks her mind up and throws away the key,
Until the sun goes down and the moon lights the sky,
She holds in the tears until
The others are soundly asleep,
Hoping they’ll still hear her cries of pleading,

She guards her heart from the rest of the world,
Afraid if she lets anyone else come in
It will be her time to break again,

She’s an ever-changing being
Yet the same things keep her from getting what she needs,
She’s beautiful
But her heart contains an overdose of self-hate,

She keeps her mouth shut
Imagining speaking the words that need to be set free,
She holds her head down,
Never looking up from the ground
Wishing she had the ability to face her insecurities,

Truthfully this is me,
The girl you see
Is not who you think,

The girl in the mirror
Doesn’t measure up,

The scars explain everything
If only they could speak,
The secrets I keep.

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