I need a guy

September 25, 2008
By Marlene BRONZE, Immokalee, Florida
Marlene BRONZE, Immokalee, Florida
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I need a guy who knows how to treat me
and next to me is where he wants to be
A guy who I can trust and can tell me the truth
someone who can hold me tight
who can defend me and isn't afraid to fight
A guy who can make me feel safe and protected
someone who can say " I love you"
but he can't be fake, he has to be true
A guy who isn't a fony
I would rather be alone than get hurt
so if you're with me you can't flirt
I'm tired of all the bullcrap and drama
I really hope you're that guy who won't make me cry
the guy who will keep my eyes dry
I'm really starting to fall for you
you can make me better
I can't stop think about you as I'm writing this letter
I wanna be your girlfriend
I think we deserve to be happy
not miserable and feeling crappy
Baby, I'll try my best not to hurt you
You're the guy I want to kiss
the one who I really miss =]

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