Forever snapped

September 22, 2008
Heart pounding anguish,
Truth breaking disturbance,
You take it,
You make it,
You alter it into destructive lies,
Evolving with more and more torment,
Bursting from the inside out,
Opening to the truth seemed inevitable,
You spill these lies into truths,
You baffle the irony with a simple touch of hurt,
To every which one it commended,
Attaching the ever so sweet lush into place,
Carving a break into the heart of the broken,
Destroying what you have already,
Repairing ever so slowly,
Attacking with more and more absence,
Slashing the laughter to a halt,
Slicing the love to a hindering break,
Twisting the words into perishable harm,
Killed without a touch,
Destroyed without fatality,
Breaking more and more with the passing days,
The heart is pounding,
The truth is out,
Do not disgrace it,
Embrace the truth,
But to so many,
That`s not the choice,
You lie,
Upholding you must die,
Do not seek revenge,
Do not seek vengeance,
Slash the uttermost feeling left,
You`ve become nothing,
Containing every emotion,
With a single touch,
You release it,
Attach your heart into her`s,
Solidify the upbringing,
Stop it,
Open it.

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JessiChang said...
Oct. 27, 2008 at 6:09 pm
WOW, I love this! Great job, such deep thoughts.
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