Mother Spider

September 22, 2008
A mother spider has an astonishing passion for her young.

Caring and helping is her duty.

How a mother has so much affection I will never understand.
No matter what anyone thinks or says, she keeps showing strong affection in so many ways.

Even a creature like a spider so savage still is a caring animal.
Just like a mother would carry her little ones when just born with so much devotion in her eyes.

Just like a mother bird waits for the day that her babies can fly like an angel.
A mother spider is a lovely, elegant, passionate creature of this world.

A creature that has eight legs, and eight eyes.
Is a mother too, that shines like the sun rise.

A creature that looks so small yet is so treacherous.
They are still just like us in many ways, one is being a mother.

They still have to go through the pain in having birth.
They still try to be the best they can be for their kids.

Mothers are needed so much in this world.
And then just remember they were once all sweet lovely girls.
A mother, what a job, and a blessing, something so amazing.

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