The Text Message

September 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Girl: Hey my handsome :]
Boy: Hello my pretty girl.
Girl: Hey can I ask you something?
Boy: Yeah anything babe what is it?
Girl: Well we have been together for a while now and.....
Boy: Yea?
Girl: well i dont want you to think in cary or something.
Boy: No never what is it my love?
Girl: If you could do anything in the world with me what would it be?
Boy: If i could do anything in the world with you.. You know what i would do?
Girl: No what tell me please :]
Boy: I would take you to the highest mountain and clim to the top and kiss know why??
Girl: why?
Boy: So i could say i almost kissed you in heaven..
Girl: <3 ily..kisses :]
Boy: kisses babe. Always and forever right??
Girl: Right always and forever <3

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intresting format i really liked it though.


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