The Letter P and Me

September 21, 2008
By heather zutten, Cape Coral, FL

An ode to the letter P.
Why is it important to me?
Maybe because it describes my personality.
I am polite, positive, and a perfectionist.
That doesn’t conclude the list.
I can also be paranoid or poetic.
Sometimes people call me pathetic.

Without P most of my favorite foods wouldn’t exist.
Pumpkin pie, peanuts, peanut butter, pears begin the list.
It goes on to pineapple, poultry, pickles, and popcorn in a huge dish.
I would also miss eating pink fish.

Hobbies I love would be gone.
No more swimming in pools just for fun.
Or carving pumpkins in autumn’s sun.
Playing ps2 or psp would be impossible.
P is needed to make these activities accomplishable.

P also produces sounds I enjoy to hear.
Like the popping of popcorn in the air.
Or my cats’ little feet pitter-pattering across the floor.
This sound is something you can’t ignore.
Then there is raindrops plopping to the ground.
I enjoy hearing them since they calm me down.

So do you see how P defines me?
It is a letter that I need.
It affects who I am, what I hear, what I do, and what I eat.
P provides my life with an exciting beat.
And without it I wouldn’t be complete.

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