September 21, 2008
By Anonymous

why do i miss you
i try and try to figure that out.
i would really like to think you miss me to, but thats something i highly doubt.
outside i appear to be happy
inside im fighting back tears.
but mabey its not you i miss,
mabey its how you made me forget one of my greatest fears, the fear of not having someone to care
and that`s a hard fear to bear.
I see other people together and happy,
and i think to myself thats just not fair.
but instead of aditting the truth,
i pretend that i just dont care.
but im tired of pretending
i feel as though im in a nigtmare thats neverending i think to myself as long as the messege im sending says im fine i can make it alone, i`ll soon get to stop decieving and actually start believing that it really didnt hurt when i saw her number on your phone. but whats really confusing, is no matter how bad you hurt me, i always forgive and try to forget.
i tell myself its all my fault because its easier to blame myself than to have noone at all.
so here i sit and i wait for your call, and when you finally do, again for you i must fall untile once again you drop the ball, you`ll say your sorry and how you never meant to hurt me.
but soon you`ll leave and tell me you are going home, but you`ll go see her and there i am left all alone.

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