The Poison of Life

September 20, 2008
The poison of life
Enters the throat
Such a wild ride
On an empty boat

So much confusion
So much despair
The breath of life
Gasping for air

All it took
Just one sip
Causes destruction
For the sinking ship

Such a small source
Only a vial
Has so many twists
I'll be away for a while

The ship was built
And once it soared
But then it sank
Slaying the soul aboard

Sails broken
Torn and ripped
Pain from the heart
Blood slowly drips

Many waves roar
Make life twist and turn
The poison of life
Makes th throat burn

A harmless drink
To ease the pain
Drives me mad
Drives me insane

Thoughts whisper to me
Her love knocks at my door
I answer the call
As I hit the hit the floor

I'm out cold
Drunk off life
Strong as a rock
Sharp as a knife

Door swings open
She gazes in
Only to find death
A regretful sin

Terror cries out
Screams reach the sky
As I'm layed to rest
I'm awakened by night

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