Patriotism 101

September 18, 2008
As for me, I talk too much
or don't talk enough
sometimes I even scare myself but

here, I lay my old self down.
and Here I pick my new self up
nature vs. nurture
I see us zipping up the mask of the future
painted by the blood of a hundred thousand
sad, dead gods and burnt out muses
color your self in, color outside your lines,
But for your own sake, realize what our portrait as a whole is beginning to look like.
We are gaining a collective sense of self
correlating and weaving together all the final stiches in this
great gilded dawn we face
We, the ambassadors of our plastic generation,
will hold all of our grand, foolish history
in our neon palms.
We are all Abrahams children, we are all one world tribe
and we all worship wine, and demand dance
shake the planet from its axis
throw your fists in the air and smash the plastic ceiling
tear the curtain down
to glimpse the wires that connect our existance.

we are cells on our planets body
the moon eats our souls
and the universe created us to serve its own narrative.
I narrate my own life and I live as a rat
or as a king depending totally on that day
and today I say let the moon wane and our souls flourish

I say Never let someones agenda comprimise your self and
remember the differance between being smart
and being wise
is that wise people have knowledge
not just facts
and here is a blank line

for you to fill in when you wake up tommorow
and first realize you have to put on the act

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