September 18, 2008
By Zach Canne, Canisteo, NY

A part of your world is over,
A part you’ve known so true.
A part of your world is over,
And you ask yourself
“What will I do?”.

You will laugh and remember
Everything you can
All the perfect moments
Over this wondrous span.

You’ll realize life isn’t that sad
No matter how many times you fall
You’ll realize life isn’t so bad
Even when you can’t handle it all.

You’ll realize the simplicity
Of being a small town girl
You’ll smile of the beauty
That you have found in this world.

You’ll laugh for hours
Remembering half faded nights
You’ll question yourself
Of all those meaningless fights.

You’ll begin to reminisce
Of the days that have gone
Remembering your first kiss
And nights staying up past dawn.

You’ll remember your friends
And all of the many others
A chance to start all over again
A chance for new lovers.

You’ll find your serenity in the valley as it sets
When the sun meets the hills
And the wind lays to rest.

You’re eyes will sparkle
And you’re heart will skip
You’ll find that it’s remarkable
How life is a trip.

The valley skies will always remain clear
Just close your eyes
And memories will bring you back here.

Mornings will come when you wake
To find your eyes filled with tears
A simple excuse is all you’ll have to take
Just wishing to go back for a few more years.

But Baby remember one thing
Keep your home and your heart close and near
For no matter where life this takes you,
We’ll Always Be Here.

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