I'm Lovin' it

September 17, 2008
By drake cooley, Sidney, NE

I’m from livin’ life on the fast lane
And from always playin’ the same old game
I’m from ridin’ a bike that always wrecked
And from tryin’ a new trick everyday
I’m from ackin’ like the tough fist kid on the block
And from the fights behind the old baseball field
I’m from the other side of the fence
You know here we use to get in trouble at

I’m from the new kid in town
You know the goofy not so koo kid
I’m from runin’ from the cops
And brakin’ in to my house
I’m from climbin’ the tallest building
You know just to see the view
I’m from that kid they use to laugh at
And the one they know that wont take any crap

I’m from bein’ the new kid once again
The one that wont feet in
I’m from the first time I fell in love
She was like 27
I’m from changin’ the way I use to be
And now it’s like I’m a new kid on the block
I’m from hangin’ that I thought that I never would
And now I’m there best friend

I’m from the good smell of the football field
And the rush I get close to game time
I’m from meetin’ new people
And love them all too
I’m from bein’ there for my friends
And now they are there for me
I’m from everyone knows my name
And you know I’m lovin’ it

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