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The Depression of The World

September 17, 2008
By courtney bienemy, Violet, LA

The Designer of this world,
Knew of the chaos to come,
Before he even created it,
His originality,
Drew out many aspects,
of hate and depression,
Fighting, War
This world is just a Fantastic screw up
People try to make it better
but in the end no one can do anything
Hell On A Fragile Earth
Balls and chains
Everyone is in shackles
No freedom, No Love, No Tactics,
The Only Expression is hate
People's Curiosity and Commitment,
have now got the
trying to clean up the world,
But It's too late Now.
The awkwardness of this passing,
Is getting no where fast.
Perfect world, World Peace
It'll never happen.
The likeness of this happening
Are slim to none.
There's no such thing as perfect,
Peace, I'll let it slide
But the world is just one huge mess up right now.
Nothing on earth can fix this.
This unholy, tainted world.
So people do what they can every day,
To just make there world,
There lives,

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Govie2010CW said...
on Sep. 23 2008 at 3:41 pm
Really good use of description. Watch out for the weird sentence structure. Learn the rule first and then break them.

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