Goodbye Father

September 16, 2008
By Katie Mackie, Crystal Lake, IL

As her heart fills with tears,
the one guy shes loved forever,
has disappointed her the most,
her own father,
as she tries to understand,
she thinks of what she could have done,
to deserve this,
Everything he has screamed,
is in her mind,
she wants a father,
to love her,
care for her,
and be there for her,
but that's not the case,
he doesn't love her,
he doesn't care about her,
and he has never been there for her,
Should she forgive him once again?,
no her mind is made,
he is out of her life,
forever and always,
"Goodbye Father" she whispers as he yells,
"Worthless always Worthless"
a tear rolls down her cheek,
and she can feel the pain start to go away.

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