September 16, 2008
Like a trickle of sunlight
It pierced the canopy of my mind
Breaking through stone walls
That has long since kept it confined

I ascended the staircase
The house was shadowy for a sunny day
And looked upon the carpeted floor
Where my mother lay

A single tear explored my face
And finally took refuge upon my cheek
My lamentations longed to bloom
But still I could not speak

I hated my mother
For conveying an unwanted delivery
Even though her hands were stainless
And she had tried to comfort me

That day I wept aloud
For a stranger who left
But the fashion of your leaving
Was not a loss but a theft

The unsaid still lingers here
But will never have the chance to be spoken
A part of myself wandered away with you
And this wound is still a door left open

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