September 16, 2008
By Nathalia Iacobelli, Mississauga, ZZ

[Observe from a distance]
Notice all the small things they do,
that no one else would pick up on.
You think you know them ?

[Watch the body]
It tends to give off messages.
Crossed arms or maybe a hand on the hip-
You think you know them?

[Track where they go]
It gives away many clues.
Step into their world.
You think you know them?

[Focus on the face]
It shows emotions-
or at least what cannot be concealed.
You think you know them?

[Listen to their voice]
The sound is like music to your ears.
Those words tell a story.
You think you know them?

[Take in their presence]
Eyes that pierce your heart,
stance that makes you weak.
You think you know them?

Well here's your rude don't.

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