Silent Wings

September 15, 2008
By Sophia Gorgens, Atlanta, GA

When the sun is sinking under the sea,
When the moon comes out to watch over me,
when the snow touched mountains glisten in the dark,
When the village dogs begin to bark.

And at this time of darkest light,
I spread my wings to take flight,
With starlight playing in my hair,
With winds so fine and winds so fair.

The dwellings of men pass me by,
Whose humans glimpse me up high,
But I heed not the words of men,
Nor the stares of shepherds below in the glen.

The forest below me spreading green,
My heart beating wildly, my eyes so keen,
A flicker of movement catches my eye,
The circle of life means the creature must die.

But its death will not be in vain,
For my hunger is that of deepest pain.
My greed is little, but my hunger is not,
This creature is the prey I sought.

But now the moon begins to fade,
And sated, I must too evade,
The coming of light which I do fear,
For it brings only destruction - man and their spear.

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