She Loves Me

September 15, 2008
By Tyler Baughn, Lutz, FL

She Loves Me,
I almost can't believe it,
Conversations full of care and laughter,
Her voice so sweet,
I can taste it with my heart,
The way she talks and listens,
Soothes my heavy soul,
I hear her laugh,
And it brings untold joy to my life,

My sadness floats away,
On a river of love,
My Burdens are shared,
By one who truly cares,
My sorrow disapears,
And all I see is her face,
Her love like a blanket,
encircles me and protects me,
From all the sadness of life,
And gives me the strength to go on,

To me,
love used to be a fairy tale,
Something unattainable,
A breeze blowing on the wind,
But now it is physical,touchable,
I used to invite despair,
Thinking nothing of myself,
Now I open the door for happines,
And I can soar with the eagles,
She is a part of me,
And for once I feel complete,
She Loves Me.

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