Compliments Of The Devil

September 15, 2008
By Bre'uan Pole, Sterling Heights, MI

Bells chime from one side vibrating to the other
Hit with an axe that was hidden mind control
Walked outback to the deck that led to the lake
Snow lit a fiery road to the lake
As I walk slowly across fire that was ice
The chimes to the Grandfather clock chimed high-pitched
Suddenly doves that hovered above me
All dove to my feet
Slowly turning around moving my feet in repetition
Paused, then spun through time

I saw my people perish in front of me
Some slaughtered and the burning cross of sacrifice stood tall
Seeming as though it rose from Hell
They say the ones who love you the most
Could kill you with the same spear they tried to kill Pharaoh with

My own worst enemy
Buried in chains and shackles
Bloods nothing but a kin
I’m the only one alive other than the child
That cries all day and night but still survives
They called me a saint
Now a sacrifice
Take what’s coming or jump out the way at the last moment
Missing the winning shot at the game
The world as you and I thought we knew
Has been brought down to it’s knees
Just like the baby beside me
Blood flows in the rivers seas and oceans above me
The sky full of crawling vultures

Everything is dead to thee
I was slaughtered by the fall of night
No this isn’t a dream
This is the reality people hide in the mist of their mind
I was sent to open the gate
So, this is how it is and will forever be
Life as we know it has been finalized jaded

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