August 29, 2008

Crying, laughing, eating, spitting
Leaving your mom no time for sitting

The first smile, to the first word
The first accident brings a whole lot of concern

The first day of school, coming home with stories
About what kids we met, and how we no longer have first day worries

Junior High comes along with tardys and alibis
Before long, with tears, we say or good byes

High school starts with drama and guys
Slowly we discover life’s truths and boys hurtful lies

Let’s go! Hit the gas!
Still shaken up by our first crash

Hug and a kiss, off to college
Hoping to gain a bit of knowledge

We throw our caps in the air
Along with our college days, that gives us a scare

As life throws us around, we struggle to stay alive
Living in a rinky dink apartment
And never having time to cry

A kiss seals the deal, you’re now married
Before long with kids, how scary

As gray hair grows, and wrinkles emerge
We remember we had made it through life’s twists and turns

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Terra164 said...
Sept. 26, 2008 at 9:20 pm
So true... love it girl! Great writing, I love the rymeing thing. You totally changed my thoughts about poetry, for the better =)
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