A Mile in My Shoes

May 5, 2013
A windy chill blows in my face,
I pull up my scarf and button down.
Hands in my pockets, I walk through space,
the sidewalks I wander have sound.

My camouflage hat drives off the cold.
But my jeans can't hold the winter.
Some might say it's rather bold,
Spiting Jack Frost unhindered.

I can feel the music, ear buds blasting,
It vibrates and hums in my veins.
Time flies by like the cars passing,
As I choose to let go of the reins.

Summer left me to my own fight,
Autumn was warning what's ahead.
Then the cold came like a thief in the night,
Now the chills even creep into bed.

People like to stare and I do back,
Pretending to have hidden power.
Deception is key in a world gone black,
Where one can vanish in an hour.

I love to walk, despite the season,
Nature loves the druids.
I never really need a reason,
I just decide to do it.

I get a call, struggling to answer,
Mother wants me home.
I say I'm returning like it gives me cancer,
But all roads lead to Rome.

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ILuvBritishBoys said...
May 9, 2013 at 10:38 am
Wow! I really LOVE this piece. I love how you give life to winter and portray it as an actual person, and how it describes life! Your a really great writer! I think my favorite verse was, "Then The Cold Came LKike A Thief In The Night," It really gave a Human like quality to Winter!
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