Tell Me How Long Until Forever Ends

September 7, 2008
You said you’d never leave me,
You’d love me until the end.

You said you’d always be there for me,
But now the loneliness is back again.

You said we’d be together forever,
But now you’ve got me wondering
Just how long forever is.

Is it until the sky turns grey?
Is it until the leaves fade down and die?
Is it until the seasons change?
Is until someone else comes by and catches your eye?

We use to spend our days together,
Wishing that time would just stand still.

Now the days drag by when your not hear.

I wish I could forget you.

But somehow it’s just so hard to quite you.

You said we’d be together forever,
But forever isn’t a very long time.

Forever’s going to end quickly.

Eternity doesn’t last so long.

Life isn’t the same without you,
It’s really hard to realize that you’re gone.

I’m tired of wearing a mask
I’m not ok…no where even close.

I’m forced to live without you.

It’s defiantly not by choice.

It seems you were just a vapor.

Ask me, how long until forever ends.

Is it until the flower dies?
Is it until the darkness turns to light?
Is it until beauty fades?
Is it until you find another to hold your hand at night?

Tell me How Long Until Forever Ends...

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