I Sit On the Ledge

September 11, 2008
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I sit on the ledge.
You know the place in your mind
Where there is no difference between death and life.

The chasm seems to have no end.
Thoughts of finding it fill my head.
And I can no reason define.

Why don’t I climb down and the bottom find?
It would be difficult, or better would it be,
If I dive?

I see blue in the deep.
Could it be water that I see?
Possibly deep enough to catch me?

That would be very dangerous and somewhat risky.
But the joy going down would be so breathtaking!
I want to but the fear stops me, and I walk away.

I walk away, and never look back.
I know what would have happened should I have leaped.
That would have been the end of me.
So I can sleep knowing I a smarter man be.

I reconsider and begin my climb.
It is just as hard as It looked, with many jagged rocks.
I reach the bottom, and set my mind free.
I accomplished my goal, and now may sleep.

Only to get a running start, and dive in head first!
The rush of air as I begin my fall is exhilarating!
I can feel my heart beat for these few seconds!
And as the water envelops me I can allow my self to dream.

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