Is levo suus pennae quod flys

September 11, 2008
You pick me up when i fall down
You grab me and help me
when i can't fly by myself
You talk me out of suicide
You make my whole world go 'round
You make me feel like i am something
when all i get called is nothing
You helped me learn right from wrong
You cheer me up when i am depressed
You get inside my head
with everything you said
I trust you with all my heart
I hope you will never hurt me
I am gradually picking myself up
I am slowly learning how to fly
I am fully alive
My world is always rotating
People actually think im something
I barley do wrong and mostly do right
I am rarely depressed
Everything you said is still
inside my head
My heart is still whole
And now i lift my wings and fly
Never to say Goodbye
but to remember the day you said hi.

Is levo suus pennae quod flys
[[She lifts her wings and flys]]

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