Word Association

September 11, 2008
It’s not normal.
They won’t comprehend.
They’ll never let his sexuality be formal.
They see his rationale as impossible to defend.
They’ll look at him with skepticism.
Tears will cloud their eyes.
They’re unable to see a her as a him.
Unable to shrink the problem down to size.
They see him as an alien.
They don’t realize he comes in peace.
He’s confused about how to make the hate end.
To him it feels as if this war will never cease.
They don’t see how someone can feel like
they’re not the human they were born to be.
It’s the loving person inside they refuse to see.
Again I tell you, it’s not normal.
I know they won’t comprehend.
No one sees how he can be a woman…
Who knows he was meant to be a man.

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