There He Goes

September 8, 2008
They say he has 3 months left,
He told his family,
They were all expecting it,
But thinking he is to young,
And wasn't thinking he was going to leave so soon.

Now he only has 2 months,
Just to share with his family,
He tries to spend as much time with his daughters as he can,
Laughing and playing and having fun,
But they are not expecting the expected.

Since now he has 1 month left,
His wife asks him not to go,
As she cries at night,
He holds her tight,
Telling her he will stay safe.

Now today he leaves,
Dressed in uniform from head to toe,
His family all say goodbye as they watch him go,
And his mother thinks,
There he goes, there he goes, there goes my baby off to war.

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