September 7, 2008
Farewell to the woman I once adored:
Gone were the days that we’ve spent together
And the nights when, to the stars, we have soared
For death and darkness carefully linger.
I love you more than anybody could
But you betrayed my precious love for you
For my passion you never understood
And this you never believed to be true.
So, leave with the man that you have once dreamed
And forget the memoirs of wasted time.
But, though from this grief, shall I be redeemed,
Remember this shall always be your crime.

So long to the sun that will never shine.

So long to the love I offered to thine.

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LOve said...
Sept. 11, 2008 at 3:16 am
Keith, i love this poem, and your other one titled love. i am not v. good at structure, but i think ur writing in sonnets. give freestyle a try. then ur not limited by any pattern. and i can sympathize with ur feelings of lost love. your language is elegant and beautiful.
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