September 7, 2008
By Evan Phail, Bronx, NY

What is paradise to me?
Maybe a party by the sea
A party filled with my friends
A party where love always spreads
A party that never ends.
Just flows forever
Like the wind on a feather,
And the weather forecast of fantasies
Surveys the waves in the ocean of dreams

This party by the sea
I just can’t get enough
What is paradise to me?
Being with those who I love.

Where the sun shines
On the reflection of the sea
And the sand never burns your feet,
We drink the night away,
Telling of stories like they
Were of legendary days,
We’re trying to hold onto our heroes
Who have now become myths
But that’s why this paradise’s authenticity
Is our deepest wish
A wish we made under the fully lit moon
And the shooting stars…
As we circle around, filling our throats
With the liquor of all our hopes,
We lose our sober state of self denial
When all we want is time
To hang with our friends for a while…
But paradise is where the clock never stops
The wine bottle doesn’t break when it drops,
Where we can feast
And care the least
‘Bout how hard our masters are tugging at our leash
Because we’re finally free
I’M finally free!!
And I float in the breeze
Without a care in the world where paradise may take me
Cuz it’s a party where I’ll always be
Paradise is a place that I will never leave

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