dead love

April 17, 2013
By Draco_Shadowfire GOLD, Casa Grande, Arizona
Draco_Shadowfire GOLD, Casa Grande, Arizona
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Why must I be tortured each and every day when I love you like no other
When you kiss me nothing else matters
But when we are hundreds of miles apart what can we do
When you walk in I feel as if my heart is about to burst when can you leave me alone
For the temptation you bring me is too great
Why must I feel love just to have a broken heart
Most people say it’s easy to live but hard to die…they are wrong oh how easy it is to die
Why must the world present something that I can’t protect
Every day a new pain every day a new worry
What is the point to this life when all that will happen is death of my soul
I will love you forever and eternity for you will always hold my heart
As I wait for my torture to end
I can’t help but stare
Why must you make me want you just so you can kill me
When you leave I heal in flesh but not in mind
You have forever scarred me and I cannot live
Why do you tempt me so
Your gaze holds me like gravity
When you bring your knives I prepare for pain
But not pain of the flesh but pain of the mind
When you walk towards me my heart bursts
Can you die from a broken heart
I think you can as I am right now
As I draw my last breath I see your lovely face

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