Fizzy Pink Lemonade

September 2, 2008
I live in a place
Where all is perfect
We eat ice-cream there
And drink fizzy pink lemonade from straws
Mommy is a queen
And Daddy is a king
And I, I am a princess!
We live in a great, big marshmallow castle way, way up in the sky

I live in a place
Where all is not perfect
I don't think I belong here
I want to go home
But wait...
This is my home

Daddy comes home late at night
With a loud voice
And alcohol on his breath
Mommy is a bomb
That explodes if I am bad
Which is nearly every day
Sometimes, they forget to feed me
But that's okay!

Because I found a place
A place in my head
It's a room that only I can unlock
There I can hide
There I am safe
Even when Mommy and Daddy throw me on the floor and spit on me
There it is perfect
And there it has ice-cream
And lemonade and even my pink stuffed bunny rabbit that Mommy ripped its head off
And there I am safe
I'm safe there, right?

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