A New Day

September 2, 2008
By Natalie McLain, South Pasadena, CA

That's right,
It's a new day!
So get out there and be bold.

That's right,
It's a new chance!
For new to replace the old.

That's right,
It's just another week,
Since your total doom was foretold.

That's right,
He's got a pretty face,
And of course he caught your eye.

That's right,
He seemed so nice,
But just prepare to say goodbye.

Because that's right,
I can guarantee it,
He will only make you cry.

So nice,
So handsome,
Who could ask for more?

Oh wait,
How about someone,
Who won't toss you to the floor?

So don't be bold,
Protect yourself,
Keep away from him at the start.

Because you know that all he'll really do,
Is add a crack to your broken heart.

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