She'll be home soon

September 2, 2008
By Brittany Desch, Brick, NJ

She was always there,
I always knew she would care,
Not only a friend, but truly a sister,
I never realized just how much I'd miss her.

I knew she wouldn't be gone for long,
Thanksgiving seemed so far away,
She was moving on,
While I was stuck back in high school.

She was still always there for me,
Even though in reality she was far away,
The days went by.
I missed her more and more each day.

I knew she'd be home soon,
Our memories and pictures got me through,
She'll never know she meant this much to me,
One day I know she'll see.

She has always been my best friend,
Our random drives through town are missed,
Waiting in the school parking lot was fun,
I still can't believe that she's gone.

I know she'll never forget me,
And she'll be sure to call me when she's home,
But these days without my best friend,
They make me feel so alone.

She'll be home soon,
I'm counting down the days,
I know she's loving the college life,
But I'm not loving being home alone.

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