Marching On To War

April 5, 2013
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Football is tough and hard in hot or cold weather maybe it will be brutal all day throughout each season is to be seen. Sounds of gunfire will be heard we’ll march on to finish this war. We’ll never give up, we’ll charge towards victory to take our enemies out of each battle. But the war will rage on further and more. In time each battle we face will tire us so, but we’ll march on to finish what has begun. We’ll take on the fierce, the brutal, and the toughest of battles. We’ll get injured and bruised, but we’ll rage on towards the end of this war. We’ll run play’s and make new strategies. We’ll do what we can to do our best. We’ll put our best to each test, some teams may be bigger and stronger than us, but we have Bomber spirit in each of us. After these battles our army’s will rest we’ll never give up, we’ll train all day and night to do what we can cause this war will charge on to the very end. In the end only one may win once the season’s over we’ll look back and see what our team has accomplished over the time we’ve trained and battled. We’ll see who we won against and who we lost against. We’ll train even harder till the next time of war.

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