War Against Myself

September 1, 2008
I'm so crowded in my own mind,
with thoughts that can't be confined, not sure if their even mine,
but i'm taking my time,
this just doesnt feel right,
i'm so confused now,
please show me how,
to get past this,
i'm scared that,
these thoughts will become actions, who knows the consquences.
I can't live like this,
it's not who I am,
not where I belong,
but I just can't move on.
Everytime I start to make progress,
I fall, faster and harder each time around.
I don't make a sound,
I don't want to be found.
I wanna take my own advice,
i simply don't see,
my many mistakes,
but how many falls will it take for me to learn we choose our own fate?
If only it were that easy,
to forget our pain.
We might be different,
but we deal the same way.
I think the end is near,
Don't fear it,
everything will be okay.
When you know its over, good and done,
and the battle is won,
i'll smile to myself because I made it and i'm not alone.

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