This Dance

August 31, 2008
By Andrew Quinn, Whittier, CA

Walking home, the dark cold streets, lonely star and the moon red.

I find a dark door with a black heart on it opening for me. This room feels crowded. The music beats with my heart and the lights follow the pace of my breath

The Devil never looked so beautiful, in her flaming dress standing in the back, searching for the eyes that hold an empty heart

As she walked steps of death, she smiles at the lonely me against the wall. She hides behind a face of an angel. While I fall in love she steals all that I have left.

Her hands touch me softly but soon turn to thorns and she digs her fingers deep in my heart

I push her away on the dance floor but she pulls me back closer to her heat. I need to get away. She has my heart in her claws

The Devil never felt so right in my arms. She hypnotized me with her painful touch and her eyes of dirty love

She's dancing with me and I'm tired of this song I've learned all those moves and lies

I want out of this night club. She's not here for me. I see it, I feel it but yet I stay for this dance.

I'm dancing with the Devil, she was an angel loving me but now she's the Devil hurting me.

She moves with my body but controls my emotions. Her eyes sent messages of hate to my heart so she calls it home.

Her touch is tight; breathing cut short, speech none of my words but hers.

Calls of help into calls of pain

She's dancing to her own song and it's always the same, high is high but follows with the lowest of lows. Nothing ever seems real...

In this dance with the Devil

The author's comments:
Woke up one morning and this came out

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