September 5, 2008
By Cortney Ellis, Butte Falls, OR

When all the Depths of the world have been paid, and the universe is hollow

When our tears run black rivers, and its impossible to swallow

When the war is finally over, but our children never return

When the sun finally loses hope, and refusing to burn

Where will our faith go when there is nothing left to feel?

What will happen to our hearts when there is nothing to heal?

How will peace find us when there is nothing to bless?

How will we ever trust, when we've always expected less?

When the suffering ends and shadows envelope our pain

When there is no help to find a us, if there is nothing to gain

When there is nothing left to save, and God cries empty tears.

When He whispers apologies, confirming our resurfaced fears.

What will happen to the ones we love, when we cannot utter a word?

Where will our souls go, when our vision is blurred?

How will our feet follow, when there is nothing to lead?

Who will forgive our sins , when our father cannot bleed?

We have lost the battle, and our peace of mind

We have lost the answers, left with nothing to find

Why is it that our lord has given up and abandoned us?

Because I, myself, "misplaced" his trust

The author's comments:
My name is Cortney, I am 18 years old, a senior at that :) I absolutely love writing. and i hope you guys enjoy what i have to say

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