August 23, 2008
By rose Schrott, Pittsburgh PA, PA

I sit in silence
The thumping of my heart in my ears.
Pictures flash in my mind,
A boy, a girl
Rain drowning, heat choking.
So many cries
Of help
Of fear
Of hope
Of love.
I want to give myself to them,
But my human heart freezes.
I sing
But it is not loud.
I cry
But they are selfish tears.
I try
But it is not all I have to give.
I sit in silence
Stuned by the selfishness of my humanity.
As the anger builds up inside of me
I cry out, Use me!
And He says,
I am
Trust and you will find.
Love and you will grow.
Listen and you will learn.

Salty tears of an ocean of confusion
Make paths down my face.
A silent voice whispers,
Open your eyes and I am here.
You cannot see because they are closed.
With fear, I squeeze them tighter.
It calls again,
This time loud enough to scare my fears,
All I want is you, all you need is me.
I sit in silence
My rock heart slowly crumbling.
And I sense the warmth of a lord,
Who knew me when I was in my mother’s womb,
Who has loved me through my angry blindness,
And will love me when I fall down again.
I sit in silence
My eyes open and adjusting
to the brightness of my king.
And he stands there with a smile on his face,
With me in his arms.
I begin to speak
but stop because I understand
Trust and you will see
Love and you will grow
Listen and you will learn.

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