Our Place

August 21, 2008
By Nicholas Mapes, Dallas, TX

We had something that could have endured
Something in your eyes, a shine that never left
Something that I always felt around you
Something that strongly resembled love

We had our special moments
Our special jokes
Our special looks
And our special touches

Best of all, we had our special place
That simple place that others would miss
But was always in my mind
That place over the hill that was our mountain
And across that log that was our drawbridge
All before our imaginations changed

Under that tall tree our spot sat
Always shaded and cooled by the breath of the lake
That place we discovered before
We knew what anything really was

There we found our love
Always stronger in the shade of that birch
There we had our moments, and our jokes
And of course our looks and touches

But most of all
We had our love
There forever, never to be moved
Though we are no longer together
I still travel to that spot
And revel in the love that was perfect there
I can still remember the day we discovered it
How young we were
But small children, with all our lives ahead
Thinking of nothing more than to find a place to call our own

Than one day changed
While in the shade of our tree
I took your hand
After ten years of mere friendship
A kiss upon the lips changed it all
And then we aged, locked in our embrace

And from that point on
Every moment we had
We spent under that tree
Exploring the love that we felt could last forever

All under the shade of our beautiful tree
Aside our beautiful lake
That always watched over
Our beautiful love

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pacman1494 said...
on Sep. 4 2008 at 9:54 pm
i love this :D its amazing

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