August 21, 2008
By Melissa Greene, Lyman, SC

my insides are melting,
fusing together.
and forming one giant chunk of gastro-intestinal muck.

and it burns.
burns worse than anything i've ever felt in my life.
it's not actually melting, and burning.

oh, there it goes again.
it's moving upwards.
consuming my lungs, heart, my entire body.

and now, i'm standing on a ledge.
i'm completley consumed now.
nothing left to do but jump.

"jump. jump. jump."
they keep saying it.
the people gathered beneath me.

whether they actually are there are not,
i have no way to be certain.
but it doesn't really matter.

they all want the same thing.
"jump. jump. jump."
say the congregation of moral-less fools.

one foot over, come on. it's not that hard.
now the other one, good girl.
fall now. close your eyes and enjoy the extacy while it lasts.

-smash-. I hit the ground.
but instead of just splatting, like a normal, average human being,
i shatter, into a million pieces.

because of the petrified state my entire body was in before i fell.
and the wierd thing is, i still feel like i'm falling.
it's one of the most wonderful feelings in the world.

i can feel the tingle in my toes,
and the pull of gravity on my lungs,
making it harder to breathe.

then, something wet on my face.
tears? no. what is it.
i reach up to wipe it, damn it. no hands.

it's rain.
the most beautiful rainfall i've ever witnessed in my whole life.
cleansing. purifying. wonderful.

door slams.
all a dream, nothing but a dream.

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