August 21, 2008
By victoria rowan, Gibbstown, NJ

Sunset on the roof
Littered with memories
That burn twice as bright
Cut in half with such a hurt
It can not be cured with
Your smile, your eyes

Thoughts of me are now
Tangled with thoughts of you
I can’t find the place where I end and you begin
I would forget you if I could
But my mind centers on
Your touch, your kiss

Did you love me once?
In those steamy nights of July
Witnessed only by streetlights and
My hope, like so many stars in the sky
Birds sing, but all I hear is
Your laugh, your voice

I want to be rid of you
But forgetting burns even more than
These thoughts of you with her
I will remember how to be strong again
It’s time to take back
My mind, my heart

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