False Wishing

August 21, 2008
By Anonymous

I wish we never met, at his house that night
I wish we never kissed, when I fell for you at sight
I wish we never talked, for hours on end
I wish my feelings didn’t grow, whenever you clicked send
I wish you cared, enough to stay
I wish I could make you see im sorry, what more can I say
I wish you would realize, I never said a thing
I wish I was something more, then just a summer fling
I wish I could change the past, maybe then I could smile
I wish you weren’t a jerk, just like the rest of the pile
I wish things were different, not always the same
I wish I wasn’t another playing piece, to this so called game
I wish you were with me, instead of her
I wish things were clear to me, and not such blurr
I wish I was sober when I tried to get revenge, it wasn’t so sweet after all
I wish you caught me, when I started to fall
And most of all I wish for once someone would help me prove everyone wrong
That there is always a happy ending to every story gone wrong

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