Break Up

August 20, 2008
Why did you break up with me? All the tears I've cried all the questions like why? Was I not good enough or skinny enough? Was there another that fit your taste better? Why did you play me? Why do I keep pleading? You have a hold of my heart and your not letting go. I'm trying I really am but, your squeezing my heart and it's hurting more. Why can't you leave me alone so I can let go of you? I'm trying it's just so hard. Your friends still ask and I can't take it. Seeing you flirt with her just to make me mad. You tell me on the computer she's hot and she likes you. To be honest I don't care, you can't make me jealous or mad. I want to die it's crossed my mind but that would be selfish and you would win and get to me all the way

I tried cutting myself but it hurt so bad I gave up on that. I went to the pantry and ate all I could. I then went to the bathroom and made it all come back up. I feel worthless and I don't want to let go. My friends say to get over him he's not worth it. I know your not but it's hard. I feel like a Barbie doll that got played with. I'm letting go I'm moving on. I'm gonna flirt and live life like I once did.

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