The Song I Sing

August 29, 2008
By Maegan Coble, Marshville, NC

To those around me, friends, I sing
a bright a joyous song that brings
a light and airy feeling of life,
a tune that cures a room that’s rife
with sadness, grief, and anger to bear.
While singing this song a smile I wear,
a smile that leaves my listeners unaware
of the melancholy residing there.

The song I sing masks the pain inside,
harsh feelings of fear and doubt I hide,
in hopes of fleeing these desperate times
the notes I sing escape my cold confines.
My song continues to blast apart
the sadness overtaking my heart,
My music floats up and away to start
the listeners in playing their fateful part.

To my friends, the notes that leave
my lips seem easily believed.
The tune is euphony of sorts
because the gloom of life it distorts,
but to me the song is a loud discord.
If they heard what I hear, it would leave them floored
and speechless at the horrid chord
produced by all the effort I can afford.

To those around me, friends, I sing
a happy song with hope to bring.
Although my life is far from perfect
the smiles and lies I bear are worth it,
if it helps my friends to live and rest
and weather the pain, and grief, and stress
and to love themselves and what they’ve been blessed,
I’ll gladly sing to make their hurt less.

As long as the harmony they hear in my song
will provoke their emotion and move them along,
my friend’s opinions are their own,
and don’t alter my melody or my tone.
The song that I sing is one that knows
a pain and marred soul, a soul that glows
every time a worrisome listener grows
to write their own song and form their own prose.

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