A Fire You Can't Put Out

August 28, 2008
It starts as a flicker of light,
harmless to your curious fingers.
Turning different shades of colors,
the only light in the world.

First yellow then orange,
the light dazzles you,
watching the flame burn brighter,
watching yourself burn.

You notice the blisters,
the smell of smoke,
filling your lungs.
You can't feel the pain.

You know it's wrong,
but you want the scars,
the pain,
the dizzy-ness.

You become confused,
and scared.
But it keeps coming back,
into your life to haunt you.

It is all you care about,
you feel nothing else.
Everything around you collapses,
and you fall down with it.

All there is left is a pile of rubble,
dust, and ash.
The flame is gone,
but you are too.

Don't start.

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wazzi said...
Sept. 5, 2008 at 3:54 am
I love the gradual transition from "cigarettes are cool and interesting" to "cigarettes are hurting me." The progression was great - very smooth. Good work!
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