Was it Worth The Fight

February 27, 2013
It is said that there is no winning a war
Both sides end with less men than they had before
Mothers daughters, fathers sons
may never again see their loved ones
They fight for a freedom they will never see
Though it's not worth it to their family.
Why be free when the world is sad?
One more child with no mom or dad.
Is freedom and land really worth the cost
when hundreds or thousands precious lives are lost?
When soldiers never see the gifts they give
to see the freedom and land, they do not live
So I ask you now, was it worth it all?
To send them in? To watch them fall?
Were all the things we're said to gain
enough to see their blood-soaked stains?
The answer is “no, it's not worth the cost”
Not worth it to watch these lives get lost.
Let's end this war while we still can,
Let's bring these families together again.

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