Expression: What Do I Do?

August 26, 2008
The artists convey their emotions or beliefs through their artwork.
The writers simply create an essay or poem.
The singers compose lyrics and discover the perfect beat-and chant exquisitely.
What do I do?

The well-rounded individuals gain knowledge-and search for what there is left to know.
The bakers simply purchase the renowned baking books-and are instructed to whip up appetizing cake.
There I lay on the ground starring at the sky-my mind wishes to know.
What do I do?

Throughout the course of my life-this is what I have seen.
Ordinary individuals living their lives and expressing their opinions through their talents or even professions.
Yet, there I am, standing in the mist of what they're creating.
I am still wondering how they manage to do it.
What DO I do?

This is the thought I carry with me to the grave-
Wishing to only tell those what they meant to me,
and the passion I felt for them.
What was I suppose to do?

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