Summer Friends

May 7, 2008
By Hannah Fickling, West Chester, OH

I will never forget
About the way we always laugh
At silly boys and ridiculous jokes by the pool
And not care about the future because
We will always have our best friends.

We always pee our pants because
Of the things that make us laugh
So hard even though we forget
How stupid they really are and then we jump into the pool
Because we are best friends.

We’re laughing because
Of drama as cold as the pool
Back stabbing best friends
But then we forget,
Forget to laugh.

Now the pool,
Takes away everything bad between us and we forget
Forget all the harsh things that didn’t make us laugh
Made us cry because
We are best friends.

Best friends
Lay in the sun because
Being tan is too important and we forget
That we are by a pool
And it feels like a beach which makes us laugh.

And now we have learned to forgive and forget,
To keep our best friends,
Who love laying by the pool
We love each other and love to laugh.

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