Running Fast, Too Fast

April 22, 2008
By Noelle Pedersen, Hammondsport, NY

Running fast, too fast.
The air is gone from my lungs
I'm too afraid to stop, or breathe, or remember
As i sprint the sand hits the back of my legs
My foot falls on a shard of glass
A scream escapes me
Silenced by my lips.

I try to pick myself up.
It's hard, my heart feels heavy
The night is too dark for anyone to notice
Was I crying? The wind numbs my face
My feet are moving forward
Someone cries out my name
I turn but only the stars face me.

I step onto the boardwalk.
The sand grits against the wood grains
When i reach the grass the dew grips my ankles
Every noise is amplified threatening to awake him
The screen door squeaks ajar
I hold my breath
His breathing changes. He's awake.

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