April 16, 2008
By Kristina Miller, Dallas, TX

If we were alone,
and it was absolutely silent,
What would you say to me?

Read between the lies, Beautiful.
It’s not like you’ve never been
disappointed before.
All you want is eternity,
But the future is impossible.

You’ve forgotten the rules
of my silly little game.
I will allow you one moment of perfection,
before I pretend you never existed.

I’m sorry for this sadness, Beautiful,
But innocent hope only brings more pain.
My body may be gilded, but
My heart and soul are fabricated,
making legends out of rumors.

Sensitivity will get you nowhere with me.
Your vanity will fade as you realize
my splendor is ephemeral.
And if you look into my dangerous eyes,
I will steal your freedom.

There’s no escaping this tragedy.
You only get one miracle, and
I guess I missed my cue.

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